Why Herbal?

Why choose Herbal products?

When conventional allopathic medicines are available in plenty, you may be wondering why we are focusing only on herbal products on our website. Well, the answer could be simply understood from the billions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies are earning every year by simply extracting, synthesizing and patenting already existing plant compounds in a new brand name! Yes, indeed herbal medicines work and they even go a step further to create wonders which could not even be achieved by the modern medicines in some cases…

As discussed earlier, by means of processing various naturally obtained compounds in a chemical laboratory for recreating them into various therapeutic drugs, there is always a danger of acquiring numerous uninvited side-effects. But unlike the conventional medicines, if herbal medicines are consumed in appropriate proportions there is no harm to your body for sure. As the demand shoots up in the market, the prices of many of the chemically obtained medicinal products will also increase thereby making them unaffordable for the poor people. But the prices of the herbal products which are directly manufactured from the plant extracts are always stable and hence are easily accessible to all. Herbal medicines can stabilize secretion of various body hormones and body metabolism rates. They strengthen the immune system and hence facilitates natural healing without causing harmful side-effects. Herbal medicines are also easily available and cost-effective as well compared to the conventional medicines.

Further, most of the modern age therapies and medicinal products are available only in developed countries. On the contrast, herbal products are available even to the remotest of the remotest human communities such as tribal people too! Additionally, a herbal plant will often possess multiple health benefits and hence consuming them on a whole improves your overall health condition definitely in the long-run. Also, herbal-based medicines get to the root of the problem and hence at times may take a considerably longer period of time for enabling the cure. While allopathic medicines may look quite effective at first, they only treat the symptom of the original problem. But, since herbal drugs work at the grass-root level of the disease, you can prevent its possible recurrence in the near future.

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