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The herbal way to recharge your mind and body

The herbal way to recharge your mind and body

All of us feel quite stressed after our daily chores leave us utterly exhausted by killing all our enthusiasm. We don’t even find enough time to relax after such a hectic schedule. If this exhaustion continues over some time, it could cause a complete burnout as well. Subsequently, you would be at the receiving end of various health issues such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. Hence here we are about to see the most herbal way of healing your body and mind as below:


I) A soothing bath:

A warm bath can instantaneously relax your muscles. This relaxation can be accomplished by taking a warm shower or by taking a hot tub bath. Through the sprinkling of Epsom salts into your bathwater, you can detoxify the body. Also, using aromatic soaps and body washes rich in essential oils can infuse a lot of energy and positivity for sure. Further, a warm bath can reduce inflammation and is highly beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and muscle ache issues.


II) Make changes to your diet:

Munching a lot of unhealthy foods can drain out a lot of energy from us. That’s the reason why dieticians recommend a healthy mix of all the essential nutrients. Following these tips would come in handy:

a. First and foremost, your meal must not comprise mainly of rice or chapattis only. Instead, you must make attempts to fill your tummy with as many vegetables as you can.

b. Ensure that you keep the size of your portions a little small.

c. Consume adequate nuts and fruits as snacks between regular meals.

d. Avoid consuming too much of proteins during every meal.

e. Last but not least, use as much less oil and spices as possible to avoid indigestion problems.


III) Exercise daily:

Exercising helps to pump more blood and thereby improve blood circulation. The cells, muscles, and tissues get rejuvenated in this process as they are supplied with an ample amount of fresh oxygen. During workouts, endorphin hormones are released in the body, which in turn makes you feel delighted. Hence at least half an hour of exercise is recommended each and every day.


IV) Stretch yourself:

When muscles get exhausted, they become tense and stiffen up. Hence to prevent this possible exhaustion and minimize the risk of injury, muscles must be appropriately stretched. Stretches help your muscles to gain mobility, range of motion by relaxing them altogether. Try performing these stretches as much as you can as a first thing every morning:

a. Leg lifts

b. Side stretches

c. Lunges

d. Single leg stretch


V) Take adequate sleep:

Seven hours of sleep is necessary for all human beings. If you feel tired and dull all through the day, the chances are that you have not taken adequate sleep the previous night. It is because when you sleep, your body rejuvenates by repairing itself. By cutting down your sleep time, you are indirectly causing sufferings to the body indeed.


VI) Calm your mind:

Sound health depends very much on the state of one’s mental health too. Hence follow these steps to calm your mind:

a. Breathe deeply. Your brain will get relaxed immediately.

b. Read as much as you can, as it can relieve your overall stress levels.

c. Indulge yourself in activities such as baking, cooking, and gardening.

d. Practice the art of yoga.

e. Altogether boycott your phone for some time. There is no need to stay connected in social media round the clock.

f. Spare some time to think about the mercy showered on you by the almighty.

g. Spend quality time with your loved ones, including your family members, friends, and well-wishers.

The key to an active and prosperous living depends on making the right lifestyle choices. Through implementing the above ideas, you can see for yourself how much your energy levels rise miraculously, and stress levels drop within a shorter period. Adopt these practices and start feeling the real difference right now.

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