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Health benefits of consumption of herbal tea

Health benefits of consumption of herbal tea


Tea is the most common and healthiest drink in the world. Because of the presence of various healthy ingredients and natural making methods, herbal tea is gaining popularity these days. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and regular intake of a cup of herbal tea once every day, you can indeed bring a world of change to your body. Detoxification, digestion and weight loss are a few of the benefits of herbal tea. The high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals present in this drink aids in relaxation, recovery and mind refreshment. Free from artificial flavours and essential oils, herbal tea does miracles to your daily health as given below:


i. Look young forever:

Slow down your body’s ageing process with the antioxidants present in the herbal tea. This magical drink prevents damage of free radicals and hence the restores the cell’s age. By regularly consuming green tea, you can indeed make your skin look younger and flawless for sure.


ii. Removal of toxins:

Herbal tea is ideal for removing harmful toxins from our body. To maintain sound health, it is absolutely essential to detoxify our body and there is no better natural way than green tea to achieve it in a flash!


iii. Improves digestion:

Right after a heavy lunch, it is imperative to go for herbal tea for aiding digestion. The spearmint available in herbal tea eases the digestion process and also reduces our appetite. Hence we won’t eat too much and end up gaining a few extra pounds of weight.


iv. Relief from inflammation:

Owing to the anti-inflammatory nature of herbal tea, they are widely used to provide relief from gastrointestinal distress, arthritis, haemorrhoids and headaches. In particular, peppermint, turmeric, ginger and eucalyptus components of herbal tea are perfect for treating inflammatory problems.

v. Lose your weight effortlessly:

Everyone would love to shed a few pounds of extra weight to look slim and young. Herbal tea exactly suits this purpose through the presence of ingredients such as fennel, psyllium husk and lemongrass. These ingredients not only burn extra fats but also boost your body’s metabolism rates.


vi. Immune-boosting nature:

The rich source of vitamins and antioxidants that are present in herbal tea are ideally suited for fighting various diseases and harmful infections. They reduce the risk of obtaining chronic diseases and safeguard us against oxidative stress. This is achieved by adding liquorice root, Echinacea, ginger and elderberry to the tea.


vii. The solution to nausea:

Herbal tea is recommended by doctors for those who are suffering from constant nausea and vomiting symptoms. It acts as a blessing in disguise for pregnant women who can get instant relief from nausea by drinking 2 glasses of herbal tea each day.


viii. Stress buster:

Herbal tea soothes a person’s mood by releasing anti-depression and stress relief enzymes. People suffering from depression problems can opt for antidepressant herbal tea like chamomile tea that can relieve stress instantaneously. Also, those who suffer from sleep-related disorders can also go for herbal tea to regularize their sleep pattern.


ix. Cure for the common cold:

Herbal teas are good for suppressing cold and reduce asthma symptoms. The medicinal property of elder tree herb cures the common cold by clearing the nasal passages and stopping dry coughs.


x. Reduces your blood pressure levels:

If blood pressure goes beyond our control, then it could cause serious damages to your kidney and heart. Hibiscus herbal tea decreases the blood pressure without causing any harmful side effects in an organic manner.


xi. Skin treatment:

Herbal tea is effective in treating acne problems. It can be both ingested normally and directly applied to the skin as per your wish. Rooibos tea can be used for skin treatment because of their antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Acne breakout could also be prevented by consuming spearmint tea regularly.


Now you would have got an idea about the importance of herbal tea and their role in maintaining our body health. As mentioned above, each of the tea has its own associated health benefits. In order to help you make an informed decision while purchasing your next herbal tea product, here we are providing our suggestions for the best-selling products in India as below:


Top 5 herbal tea products in India:

Our rankProduct nameUser ratingBuying options
1.Traditional Medicinal Organic roasted dandelion root herbal leaf tea3.8/5
2.Dandy Blend instant herbal beverage with dandelion4.7/5
3.The Indian Chai- Licorice spice herbal tea 100g4.1/5
4.The Tea trove organic durbari kahwa detox green tea bags4.6/5
5.Lipton loose green tea, 250 gm4.2/5


I. Traditional Medicinal organic roasted dandelion root herbal leaf tea:


Traditional Medicinal organic roasted dandelion root herbal leaf tea



This is a Vegetarian product.

Dandelion root tea supports healthy digestion, kidney health and liver function. Help flush the liver and kidneys from toxins that can build up over time by making dandelion root tea part of your lifestyle. Dandelion root tea promotes healthy digestion which helps the body to absorb more nutrients and improve physical function and focus. Our tea is rich in nutrients and provides more vital minerals and vitamins than roasted Dandelion root. It is rich in Vitamins A, C, D, B-complex, iron, and potassium and zinc which support mood stability, healthy liver and strengthened immune system.


  • Supports Healthy Digestion, Kidney Health and Liver Function. Assists Detoxification Of Liver And Kidneys And Promotes Healthy Digestion For Maximum Nutrient Absorption And Improved Physical And Cognitive Function.
  • Nutrient-Rich And Raw To Provide More Vital Minerals And Vitamins To Your Body. Roasting Kills Beneficial Enzymes.
  • Rich in Vitamins A, C, D, B-Complex, Iron, Potassium and Zinc Which Supports Mood Stability, Healthy Liver and Strengthened Immune System.



  1. Is it good for enhancing the breast shape?

Well. Dandelion roots are helpful for this purpose as they are capable of burning body-fat.

  1. What is the best time to drink?

Preferably after half an hour of consuming your meals

  1. In what frequency can we drink it?

If the purpose is detoxifying or reduction of bloating then you can consume it 2-3 times a day. You can have a fixed schedule for drinking it. Probably you can take one around 12 pm, second around 4 pm and third before getting into the bed.

  1. is it dandelion roots or leaves

It contains both these ingredients for facilitating your body health.



ii. Dandy Blend instant herbal beverage with Dandelion:


Dandy Blend instant herbal beverage with Dandelion



The easiest way to get Dandelion in your diet rich, smooth full-bodied coffee flavour, but no caffeine, acidity or bitterness. No additives or preservatives. No added artificial flavours.


  • Caffeine, gluten, sugar, dairy and wheat-free
  • Low carbohydrates, calorie and lot of health benefits
  • Mineral-rich and high antioxidant
  • Lacks bitterness and acidity
  • Full-bodied flavour and texture of real coffee


This will be a perfect replacement for your coffee. It’s delicious with or without creamer. You can add sweetener too if you like your tea’s sweet. The beverage’s delicious taste would indeed make you enjoy each and every sip of yours for sure. It has recipes on the back like lattes, etc. It is definitely a very smooth and rich beverage. So healthy too!

III. The Indian Chai – Licorice spice herbal tea 100g:



The Indian Chai – Licorice spice herbal tea 100g



This unique nectar-like tea is one of our new blends. Liquorice root is a powerful plant with incredible potent healthy properties that have been known for generations. Liquorice, a root sweeter than sugar cane, has been combined with cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, star anise and spices for this delicious herbal tea. The naturally sweet dessert-like qualities of Licorice Spice make it a perfect after-dinner tea. The subtle message of this tea is: “Contentment and a sense of security.”


This Vegetarian product’s salient features are listed below:


  • TASTE: Licorice with sweet notes of Vanilla and spicy notes of savoury cinnamon, ginger and zesty orange peel.
  • BENEFITS: Naturally warming, these herbs and spices are used to support the respiratory and digestive systems
  • CAFFEINE FREE: Enjoy this uniquely delectable, delicious and satisfying tea any time, day or night, naturally caffeine-free.
  • HELPS BOOST IMMUNITY: It supports the body’s natural immune system while relieving the body’s negative reaction to stress.
  • DIRECTIONS: Put 1 teaspoon (2 grams of tea) of Licorice Spice Herbal Tea in an empty cup. Pour boiling water into the cup. Cover the cup and let the tea steep for 4 -5 minutes depending upon your taste. Strain & serve. You may add honey/sugar as per your taste.



  1. Can this be prepared with milk?

No. Kindly avoid adding milk to this tea.

  1. Is this tea bags or vacuum pack?

Tea bags only.

  1. How long should we boil it?

Take 1 teaspoon of Chocolate Tea and mix well with 150ml of water. Boil it for 4-5 minutes. Strain completely to another cup and serve with or without milk.

  1. For milk tea or for black tea?

This can be prepared as a black tea without adding sugar.


IV. The tea trove organic durbari kahwa detox green tea bags:



The tea trove organic durbari kahwa detox green tea bags



This Vegetarian product possesses the following properties:


  • It is Spice Green Tea made with Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, tulsi, nutmeg, asafoetida, black pepper, rock salt and help cleanses the digestive system and paces up the metabolism.
  • This is a traditional spicy kava tea dating back generations but comes with a modern twist.
  • BAGGED TEA: The Tea Trove’s quality Green Tea Spice comes in convenient tea bags for the perfect brewing every time. Individually wrapped tea bags ensure your tea is fresh, every time.
  • How to Brew1 teaspoon|6fl oz filtered O2 rich water|90C-95C|steep 4 minutes|milk not recommended|feel free to add a dash of honey or a tsp of sugar| Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.


Boost your health:


Green Tea helps with weight management and is also great for lowering cholesterol levels. Ginger helps in improving digestion and increasing absorption of food. It also helps reduces inflammation and help improve blood circulation. Cinnamon has been used to help accelerate weight loss, improve immunity, and prevent chronic disease. It helps protect the heart and brain, decreases inflammation and boosts immunity. Clove helps relieve gum and toothaches, treats sinus infections and helps for digestion. Cardamom helps to complete digestion and assimilation of the ingested food. It helps to prevent indigestion and flatulence after you have had a heavy meal by stimulating gastric acid secretion.


Perfect consumption time:


Although decaffeinated tea can be taken anytime, it is preferable to drink in the morning. Drinking Durbari Kahwa Detox Green tea in the morning will allow the herbs to take effect in your body while you go about the day. Follow this routine for 7, 14 or 21 days at a time and see the benefits that are presented to you.



  1. Can this be had in empty stomach in the morning or post-lunch?

We don’t suggest having any green tea in an empty stomach. We suggest having it post breakfast or lunch, which will give a push to your metabolism and help to digest your food.

  1. Are there any effects on belly fats or any impact after using this tea?

Detox and weight loss occur primarily. Additionally, belly fat will also get reduced substantially.

  1. Does it help to reduce weight?

Yes. But regular exercise is also highly recommended.

  1. Will it help to lose weight? And what is the procedure for having this drink?

Yes, but you have to work out or else it is of no use. Boil water and allow it to cool for 30 to 45 seconds in a cup. Put one bag of detox tea and pour the hot water in it and have it twice daily.


V. Lipton loose green tea:


Lipton loose green tea


Lipton Green Tea is not just a regular cup of chai, we believe it’s therapy for your body. Wake up to a morning cup of hot Lipton green tea and feel how it leaves you feeling light and active. Awaken your senses – one sip at a time. Lipton Green Tea Bags in Honey Lemon Flavor have this goodness. Choose Lipton Green Tea Honey Lemon as your go-to beverage during the day. Buy Now!


This is a Vegetarian product.

  • Zero Calories: Green Tea, when had without milk or sugar, not only tastes great but contains virtually zero calories
  • Next best to water: Brewed, unsweetened Green Tea being 99% water is a great way to meet your daily required fluid intake
  • Glowing skin: Give your skin a hydrated healthy glow with Green Tea
  • Heart health: Consumption of Green Tea as a part of a healthy lifestyle may help maintain a healthy heart as it is thought to have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases
  • Simply Delicious flavour and great taste
  • The soothing aroma of a warm cup of green tea may help you relax


The magic of Green Tea:

  • Green tea is produced when freshly plucked leaves are heated, rolled/cut and then dried. The catechins in the fresh leaves are preserved during the green tea process, making green tea rich in catechins. Also, green tea is typically drunk without milk and sugar and hence gives zero calories as compared to the ordinary chai made with milk and sugar.


The vast variety of flavours:

  • Lipton offers a range of different flavours to ensure that you are offered variety and enjoyment while drinking tea. Lipton flavours some of its teas with added natural flavours and no artificial flavours are used. You may try Lipton Green tea in Pure & Light (unflavored), Tulsi Natura, Honey & Lemon and Lemon Zest flavours as well, available in pack sizes of 10s and 25s Tea bags. Next best to Water Brewed, Unsweetened Lipton Green Tea being 99.5% water is a great way to meet your daily required fluid intake. Staying hydrated is essential to ensure bodily functions are carried out efficiently.



  1. Is this organic?

Yes, it is fully made of natural ingredients.

  1. Will it help to lose my belly fat?

Definitely, it will. It is specially made for this purpose.

  1. Since it is leaves and not tea bags how to use it?

Use it like any other tea leaves or coffee grain. Either put it in boiling water and steep for 3 minutes or just put water plus tea leaves on stove and heat till slight colour starts to show (yellowish-green), further boiling will make it brownish in colour and causes a bitter taste.

  1. Is it good for the skin?

Of course, it is. But you must have to drink it without sugar.

  1. Can this green tea reduce fat levels?

Yes, it is perfectly capable of doing it.



Herbal teas come are prepared by infusing different herbs in cold and hot water. Herbal tea consists of various ingredients ranging from herbs to spices. Since it does not contain caffeine, it is healthy for the body as well. Herbal teas assist people to detoxify their bodies, rejuvenate their senses and recover from a host of health ailments such as cold & cough, bad digestion, inflammation, and infections. Nowadays, herbal tea is also widely used for treating acne and cleansing the skin deeply. So what are you waiting for? Go and order for your herbal tea right now…



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