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Curable Diseases

What are the diseases that can be treated with herbal medicines?

Herbal medicines can be used to cure almost all major ailments prevailing currently in the medical field. Here we are listing a few of such common medical conditions that can be cured using herbal medications for your understanding:

i) Stress
ii) Infections
iii) Poisoning
iv) Dehydration
v) Cataracts
vi) Convulsion
vii) Cold and fever
viii) Conjunctivitis
ix) Constipation
x) Arthritis
xi) Rheumatism
xii) Urinary infections
xiii) Asthmax
xiv) Arterioscierosis
xv) Acute dysentery
xvi) Acne
xvii) Abdominal pain
xviii) Chronic Gonorrhea
xix) Fibroid
xx) Typhoid fever
xxi) Cholera
xxii) Dandruff
xxiii) Diabetics
xxiv) Diarrhoea
xxv) Digestive disorders and many more…

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